Complaints Procedure

A Product of One2zModelshop is intended to contribute to joy and happiness. We think that the interaction with our customers should be equally pleasurable. It can always happen that you experience this in a different way or maybye something goes wrong. We would like you to know that when something does go wrong we are open for a discussion. We invite you to express your frustration or communicate your complaint to us. We will always do the utmost and try to solve your complaint and solve problems that occur. For this purpose One2zModelshop has a complaints procedure.

Complaints Procedure

1. Send an email to [email protected]
2. Clearly state your personal data and your One2zModelshop customer number
3. Clrealy describe your complaint
4. You will recieve a response within 14 calendar days
5. We will do the utmost to solve your complaint
6. Does it not lead to a solution to your satisfaction you can submit a dispute with  and EMOTA authentication

One2zModelshop finds it very important to deliver a good quality in all facets of our business and to act transparant. Therefore we have joined the and EMOTA authentication program. This authentication creates clarity for webshop and customer about the applicable rules and regulations. This is fair to us and fair to you, the customer. It is our objective to to business honestly and orderly and we think this authentication contributes to this goal.  

In case the complaints procedure does not lead to a solution a dispute has arisen. This means we (One2zModelshop) and you (the customer) are not able to work it out together. The dispute will be forwarded to, who will mediate and try to work out a solution that is satisfactory for both parties. In most cases this seems to work out. In case it doesn't, there is an option of submitting the dispute to geschilonline, who will adjudicate. Their verdict is binding for both parties.     

Terms and Conditions
Do you still have questions after reading this text? Maybe you will find the awnser in the terms and conditions. A downloadable pdf of the terms and conditions can be found here.