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Click here to go to ( for the time being) and is a European authentication created by the recognized Dutch authentication: Webwinkelkeur. Webwinkelkeur is currently in the process of setting this up. Because 'Webwinkelkeur' is a Dutch term a new name was required for the authentication in other countries in the EU. This name is Because the European authentication of still has a beta status not everything is finished yet. For the time being, it may be so that Valuedshops links will forward to Webwinkelkeur pages. These pages are in Dutch. We politely ask for understanding as we are working very hard to resolve this.  

Why this Authentication?

In order to meet the standards for the authentication, One2zModelshop has been audited on 14 October 2015. We are proud to have met the required standards. We have chosen this authentication because it fits our company's philosophy: high quality service and transparancy in doing business are very important core values. Of course the customer is key here. Specificly in these area's the authentication has very high standards, which now also apply to our webshop. stands for reliable customer oriented webshops. Its members meet the main Dutch legislation, their identity is checked and customers can post an independent review which is moderated by In case of disputes you can use mediation or choose for a binding verdict by GeschilOnline.

When a webshop is authenticted by
- The identity of the webshop had been checked
- It meets the criteria Dutch legislation for webshops
- It offers several ways for contact 
- Customer reviews can be posted independently
- The terms and conditions and a privacy statement have been made available and accessible
- There is an option for mediation in case of disputes
- is available for pronouncing a final verdict in case of a dispute

Quality control by and customer reviews is unique because it combines a code of conduct with customer reviews. Each webshop is assessed based on a fixed checklist. This way we learn if it is clear with whom you are doing business and if the company information displayed on the webshop is in line with the information that is registered at Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

Just by clicking the logo it gives you the opportunity to share your experience with the webshop by placing a review or to check experiences by other customers. This will enhance your confidence about the standards of customer focus and service, which are otherwise hard to judge by applying rules.

Mediation in case of a dispute

It may alway happen that despite all these precautions a dispute arises with One2zModelshop. In that case you can turn to for an independant dispute comission, which can pronounce a binding verdict in the matter. This prevent unneccesary high costs.

Recognition is a private law authentication registered with the BOIP onder number 0954254. You can recognize a member by the logo. Just by clicking it you will be forwarded to its official membership page.