MIG Jimenez

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AMMO or Mig Jimenez is now, without a doubt, the most experienced company in the world when it comes to weathering models and creating effects. All this experience is now at your fingertips in the most comprehensive collection of modeling products, developed and perfected through the hard work of the modeller: Mig Jimenez. The difference between a simple modeller and an excellent modeller is not in the tools used by both, nor in the airbrush, paint or models that are purchased. Only the "experience" of the modeller makes the difference. This is not only in the models, but consists of all things in life. Experience makes us develop, moves us forward, lets us discover new worlds and direct us towards new goals. In short, “our experiences make us better in all aspects of life”. Everything a modeller needs to make more beautiful models can be achieved through experience. Unfortunately for the modeller: experience is always related to time and that is the biggest limitation in life.


Scenery / miscellaneous

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